Dianomica вики

The book is an introduction to the METHOD, capable to describe the qualitative self-development, a Preface to a qualitatively new intellectual instrument - NETWORK categories.

Searches “a philosophical stone” long been considered insane, but no-one has explained that there is no solution of the problem for special cases.

"Prolegomena..." devoted to the creation and justification of Sufficient Ground for the construction of problem-oriented formalized language INTENSIONAL (CONTENTS) logic that is needed to ensure that the researcher is in the process of philosophical cognition had the opportunity to justify the adequacy of their logical conclusions reality, and speculation to minimize.

On the one hand, contained in the book is a revision of the grounds of philosophy and, in particular, the dethronement of «Idols of Francis Bacon»: “traditions”, “chimeras”, “stereotypes”, “insidious Idols language”, and on the other hand, an attempt to collect, avoiding all sorts of prejudices, all rational, that philosophy has managed to accumulate during all its history. Simultaneously, the author was trying to show the origins and historical sequence of stages of the formation of a system of axioms and axiomatics created formalism.

The proposed theory is the idealization, extremely opposed to the idealization of classical FORMAL (traditional) two-valued logic. Formalization allows permitted to practice by the magnitude of the error formulate a significant part of the existing philosophical problems and opens the way to resolve them. This not only allows a deeper understanding of the history of human society, but allows "glimpsing to look" into the future...

From contained in the book necessarily follows that the situation in the philosophy of postmodernism, at all costs, at a deep level has a fundamental meaning and is a stage of transition to a qualitatively new level of philosophizing.

The book is intended for all those interested in fundamental problems of logic and philosophy.